Why Buy Ranch?

Here are a few lifestyle packages we have put together to make it easier and more affordable for you to order a Truck Cap customized to fit your need. These packages, when ordered in their entirety, are offered at a discounted price through an Authorized Ranch Dealer. The packages are built based on a Sierra Cab High Truck Topper but some of these packages may also be available for other Ranch Truck Caps. For more information and see which Ranch Truck Caps and Lids are available for your truck, click the “Fit Your Truck” link on any of our product pages.

Follow the instructions to see Manuifactured Suggested Retail Pricing and to request a quote from a Ranch Dealer. Click “Find a Ranch Dealer” to see where your closest Ranch Dealer is located.


  • Wrap Rails on Sportwrap & Legacy
    • Covers OEM plastic rail guards
  • Trimless Edges
    • Finished similar to the edges of your truck
    • No painted plastic to warp or fall off
  • DuPont Automotive Grade Paint
    • Similar to the paint on your truck
  • DuPont Low Haps Clear Coat
    • Environmentally friendly clear coat that gives a great gloss finish
  • High Tech Paint Booth
    • On track to ensure consistent bake and cure
    • Environment and temperature controlled
    • Downdraft system
  • Hand Crafted Molds
    • Formed to fit contours of the truck
    • Fitted multiple times to ensure fit


  • Fiberglass Tailgate Wrap on Lids
    • Keeps tailgate from opening when lid is closed
  • "L" Frame on SportWrap & Legacy
    • Stronger than flat aluminum frames
  • Ranch's Custom Fiberglass and Resin Mix
    • Strong Fiberglass with Honeycomb Tri-Cel reinforcement
    • Approximately 156 mills thick
  • Dual "T" Handle Doors
    • Stronger than flat aluminum frames
  • Tempered Safety Glass
    • Strength Tested
      • 1/2lb steel ball dropped from 10 feet
    • Flex Tested
      • 8' Long Window Holds 150lbs


  • Triple Seal System on SportWrap & Legacy
    • -Fiberglass Skirt
      • Water must come up to get in
    • -Rubber "L" Style Weather Seal
      • Seals from fiberglass wrap to truck bed
    • - Aluminum "L" Frame
      • Welded at front corners, Acts as an interior gutter
  • Foam Sealed Windows
    • - Seals better than hard rubber
    • - Long lasting and shape conforming
  • U-Glaze Window
    • - Better compression on seals
  • Drain Channel with Weep Holes
    • - Designed to drain any water trapped by the frame