The Ranch Sierra Truck Cap
[ Cab-Hi ]

The Ranch Sierra model is the best value in the cab-hi models. All of Ranch products ensure a great fit, Dupont paint, "unibody" molded and rolled fiberglass base rails, tight seal, tri-cell reinforced roof, and trimeless design edges. Yet, the Sierra model stands out from the crowd due to its number of standard features backed by a great price point and warranty. The Sierra model comes standard with your choice of a framed front sliding or picture window by the cab, screened 1/2 sliding side windows, a double T rear door, a Recessed LED brake light above the rear door, and a 12v dome light. This topper is extremely versatile and easy to equip to fit your lifestyle. Take a look at the number of optional features Ranch as to offer to help customize this truck cap to your application. Combining great fit, paint finish, and smart construction with a great price point and warranty makes the Sierra model the bust buy for your buck!

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The Sierra has many great standard and optional features. To see a complete list view our Options table above or click here to find a Ranch Dealer to answer any of your cap or lid questions.

Ranch Fiberglass Cap Construction

A.  DuPont Low Haps Clear Coat
Environmentally Friendly
Gloss Finish
В.  Axalta Automotive Base Coat Paint
High Tech Paint Booth
Greet Loot and Finish
С.  GEL Coot
Sandable Paintable Surface
D.  PreSpray Layer of Ranch's Custom Resin Mix
The Right Mixture tor Strength and Appearance
E.  Fiberglass Chop with Ranch's Custom Resin Mix
Extremely Strong Fiberglass Approx. 156 mills thick
F.  Tri-Cel Honeycomb Reinforced Rool
Increases Strength of Roof 10X
G.  Post Spray Low Fill Rosin with
TI02 Whrtener
Strong Smooth/White Interior
H.  Solid Fiberglass Base Rail
Fioerglassed to Cap. Not Glued Extremely Strong
I.  Black Powder Coaled Hardware
Prevents Corrision and Rust
J.  U-Glaze Window wrth loam Soal
Better Compression on Seals Lonq Lasting Shape and Conforming
К.  Drain Channel with Weep Holes
Designed to drain any water trapped by frame